Tomb Dwellers - Liberia/Independent

2 May, 2015

A feature for the Independent - a community of people who live in tombs in Liberia's capital Monrovia. I aimed to show a life so harsh its unthinkable - its impossible to imagine how frightening it is to sleep amongst dead people remains. Children as young as 13 are living in Monrovia’s city-centre cemetery. Unaccompanied by any responsible adults, they sleep inside tombs having emptied them of their corpses. About 100 people call Palm Grove cemetery their home, and all are addicted to class A drugs. In the daytime, the boys scrape together enough money to feed their habit, by thieving and selling stolen goods or by doing odd jobs. In the night time, all the girls open shop for prostitution – servicing clients among the graves. The cemetery is foul – it reeks of human excrement. I hope it helped people in the UK to understand how it was living in these conditions especially with the terror of the Ebola crisis at its height in Monrovia.

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Barclays Bank

22 April, 2015

Delighted to finally see my Barcalys commission come to life, lots more characterful faces soon to be on my website!

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20 April, 2015

Another eye opening commission with Save the Children to the largest and poorest urban slums in Africa - Kibera, Nairobi. The unbelievably strong people I meet on these trips never fails to amaze me. Nor does the extreme poverty, danger and living conditions.

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Waves for change South Africa

9 February, 2015

Whilst on holiday in stunning South Africa I squeezed in a personal shoot with Waves for change. W4C is an amazing organisation who has developed an award winning curriculum that fuses elements of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Humanistic Therapy and Surfing to promote the well being and stability of young people who have been adversely effected by the unstable surrounds of their community. An amazing day was spent on the beach with this fantastic group of children, so much laughter and so much happiness really was the best start to a holiday!

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NCTL shoot

1 February, 2015

Working alongside FCB Inferno and the Department for Education, we created a campaign to encourage people to become Teachers. A lot of fun and laughter was had. The teachers we worked with were truly inspiring and the children completely hilarious!

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Starting the year in Rwanda

17 January, 2015

One of the most amazing African countries I have been lucky enough to be commissioned in. Beautiful people, amazing projects for Save the Children and the most unbelievable light I have ever shot in. I cant wait to go back!

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Ending the year with Wingman

24 December, 2014

Christmas came early this year!!- surrounded by gorgeous models and a wonderful team,we worked on a very fun campaign Hand it down for Wingman/Havas have a look -

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Ebola fund raising evening at Adam and Eve DDB

2 December, 2014

Honoured to be invited to talk at an evening of fund raising for Ebola in my beloved West Africa at Adam and eve agency. The event was a success and we raised 7k. Thank you to everyone who donated at the silent auction.

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